Dedicated to Your Child's Love of Music

For more than 20 years, Sound Learning Piano has been helping beginning and intermediate piano students reach their music potential with the right materials, insight and encouragement. It is our mission to teach students how to integrate the skills associated with learning to play piano into other area of their life. Piano lessons are a microcosm for life. The ability to listen, collaborate, focus, be disciplined, develop creative ways to approach issues, communicate, and problem solve are all relevant to both music and life skills. We provide the highest quality piano instruction, tailored to age and capability, with the goal of enabling students to enjoy learning music, while developing the intellectual capacity that will serve them well in the classroom. Contact us to schedule an initial appointment.

Quality Lessons

Providing students with the right materials, insight, and encouragement to grasp and master even the most difficult piece of music is our passion. By tailoring each lesson to meet the needs of our students, we are able to help them grow at a faster pace than would be possible in traditional instruction settings.
There is no charge for the initial interview.