“Ms. Janis Palmore has been my daughter’s private musical instructor for the past two years, and has done and continues to do an absolutely phenomenal job. Ms. Palmore is a distinguished professional in her field, with the innate ability to bring out the very best in any student she coaches. She has never disappointed in my expectations, and I look forward to many years of continued professional services.”

Doug R.

“My daughter started with Sound Learning Piano just before her 4th birthday. It was a great experience. The environment was warm and nurturing. I highly recommend SLP.”

Loretta E.

“Both my children had lessons with Janis. They both excelled academically, and I believe, wholeheartedly, that music education (with the right educator) helped their success.”

Sharon W.

“Ms. Janis is a piano TEACHER that knows her stuff and is tuned in to your child(ren) in order to give them what they need musically. If you want to spend your money wisely investing it in your child, hire Mrs. Afotey!”

Angie Y.

“The instructors at Sound Learning Piano (Janis Afotey and John Bennett) are very patient and skilled in working with students, particularly children. Our 12-year-old daughter began taking lessons from Ms. Janis when she was 3-years-old – as soon as she knew her alphabets from A-G. We believe that learning to play contributes to her overall intelligence (she’s deemed gifted) and confidence.

She loves and respects Ms. Janis and Mr. John and it is apparent that they do in return! My husband and I highly recommend that any parent that wishes to invest in one of the greatest gifts and skills their children will have in learning to play the piano, that the investment be with Sound Learning Piano.

Dr. Moneta S.

“She (Mrs. Afotey) is an amazing piano instructor. She takes her time to teach piano instruction to include music education and music theory. My child’s math grades have improved dramatically. She empowers her clients to have confidence that transcends their piano skills. She has a large repertoire of sheet music and has the most fabulous recitals that highlight every single client she has.

She is very professional and passionate about her work. After watching the growth of my daughter’s piano skills in a short period of time, I have been inspired to take lessons from her myself! She is an amazing piano instructor fluent in all the arts and a great resource. I highly recommend her to anyone of any age to take piano lessons with her.”

Sabrina H.

“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent instructor. Mrs. Afotey has patience, kindness, understanding, and excellent rapport with my grandson. I recommend her to anyone looking for exceptional instruction with an icing of love.”

Mrs. Jeanette D-A

“Sound Learning Piano is an excellent place for anyone to learn to play piano. It is so obvious that Ms. Janis really loves what she so excellently does — teach piano. Her ability and professionalism are beyond reproach. I highly recommend Ms. Janis to anyone not only interested in learning to play the piano, but also learning about the art of music.”

Dr. Jackie H.

“My 13-year-old daughter loves Mrs. Janis. When she met her 4 years ago she wasn’t thrilled with switching piano teachers. But Ms. Janis was highly recommended and lived in our neighborhood. During the interview, she was very professional and warm at the same time. We didn’t hesitate to sign our daughter up immediately. It took my daughter less than a month to fall in love with Ms. Janis. Ms. Janis taught her theory and she is becoming a wonderful pianist, even with taking a break in the summers. We highly recommend Sound Learning Piano.”

Dawn C.

“My son has been taking lessons from Ms. Janis for five years and becoming an amazing player. She is patient and excellent with children. She is well organized and has a structured curriculum as well as many years of experience. I highly recommend her.”

Nina J.

“I have a student that has been with Ms. Janis for almost two years now. My child had previously taken piano lessons for years, but of course once Ms. Janis got hold of her, her level of playing skyrocketed! She thoroughly teaches her students. In addition to their lessons books she also covers theory and technique. They even learn how to transpose the materials. My child as well as her other students literally LOVE Ms. Janis. She gets the children to give it their best. Our experience with Mrs. Janis has been priceless.”

Yvonne G.