Our Classes

Kids at a Piano RecitalEnabling students to grow as musicians is our mission at Sound Learning Piano of Lithonia, GA. All of our lessons are carefully designed to match the capabilities and interest of our students, with custom lesson plans that progress at the most efficient pace possible.

We specialize in teaching traditional private piano lessons to children beginning as young as three years of age. We integrate one-on-one instruction with self-paced computer technology to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of music theory, technology, appreciation, and history. Recitals are held bi-annually.

You will receive:

  • One-on-one instruction – allowing for detailed and independent assessment of each student’s progress
  • Music theory – instruction in theory basics gives the student confidence to memorize and perform
  • Technology – self-paced computerized lessons in music theory, music history, and ear training further shores up the student’s mastery of the instrument
  • Recitals – providing a public forum for students to display pianistic skills

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