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Janis Palmore Afotey, Piano Lesson Instructor at Sound Learning PianoThe simple joy of teaching the language of music to children is what drives us at Sound Learning Piano. In addition to being a skill that is highly enjoyable and satisfying, traditional piano lessons have been proven to have scholastic benefits.

Janis Palmore Afotey – Chief Instructor

An appreciation and love for music began very early for our founder, Janis Palmore Afotey. For her, there is no greater joy than to see the pride of accomplishment on a beginning student’s face when they have learned their first song or performed in their first recital. She began formal piano lessons at the age of eight and continued with voice lessons in high school. Attending the first performance arts high school in the country and discovering a passion for the classical arts encouraged her to continue studies at New England Conservatory of Music and Boston University School of Fine Arts. After a number of years of performing as a concert soloist, she has returned to her love of teaching.

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